The crossing of Lyskamm

The crossing of the ridge of Lyskamm is among the most famous crossing of the Alps. The key passage of the ascension, the ridge connecting the two peaks, is very exciting for the sights and for the exposure in which you will plunge. This ascent offers you an unforgettable alpine experience.

From the hut climb up straight on the Gasterlet’s Glacier, going on the right of the rock where there is the Gnifetti hut. When you reach the plateau above you cross it paying attention to crevasses up to reach the track from the Gnifetti hut.
Then you go up the steep slope that runs along the Pyramid Vincent on the left up to reach a plateau at about 4000 meters.
Leaving on your right the track that leads to the Pyramid Vincent, you go just on the left of the rock on which stands the statue of Cristo delle Vette and the bivouac Balmenhorn. You reach the lowest point of the boundary ridge called the Discovery’s Rock. You go up a steep slope and reach the ridge, you continue horizontally paying attention to the ledges on the Italian side. The ridge becomes now steep again up to the top. You continue paying attention to the ledges and sections of rock up to reach the top of the Western Lyskamm. You go down along the ridge up to the col Felik and then to the hut Q. Sella. You go down along the ridge up to the chairlift Bettaforca. With the chairlift you will reach quickly Staffal.

Difficulty: hard
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